How to avoid a Fall from Grace: Legal Lessons for Directors

Giving people the confidence to approach their duties as a director with capability and credibility. Written by the CEO of You Legal, Sarah Bartholomeusz.

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About the Book

How to Avoid a Fall from Grace is a guide for Australian company directors at all stages of their career. As the leader of your company, you have a lot to worry about on a daily basis. The last thing you need to invest your time in is agonising over the complex legal issues that underpin your actions.

Sarah Bartholomeusz offers legal advice gathered from more than a decade of working with Australian and international companies of every shape and size. In simple terms, Sarah explains how the law specifically relates to your duties as a director.


You’ll Learn More About


Legal Landscape

How do companies and company directors fit into the Australian legal landscape? How does this affect you?


Directors' Duties

What duties are imposed on directors and by whom? Find out, with detailed guidance on what you need to do, why you need to do it and and what happens when things go wrong.


Case Studies

Real life and hypothetical case studies illustrate how directors' duties apply in everyday situations.

About the Author


Sarah Bartholomeusz

Sarah is the founder and CEO of You Legal, a top tier legal concierge service. You Legal is a new category of law firm providing corporate and commercial legal services to clients, including ASX listed companies. You Legal’s team members are based throughout Australia and in five other countries.

You Legal’s Growth Shield provides clients with customised, watertight policy documentation. Policies are the strategic link between the vision for a business and its day-to-day operations. Growth Shield helps companies to future-proof their business by simply and transparently transforming their existing policy framework in a three-step process.

Sarah is the Chair of the Catalyst Foundation Inc. and she serves on the South Australian Government’s Education Standards Board.

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